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The COVID-19 health crisis is just one of the most recent illustrations that humanity is not doing well.

That the planet itself is not well.

However, despite the serious planetary trauma that the pandemic has caused, at present, humanity does not have the tools to prevent this from happening again.

Obviously, this will happen again.

COVID-19, just like the climate, biodiversity, water, antimicrobial resistance, oceans, genetics, pollution or nuclear threat crises show us, more than ever , that we are all brothers and sisters of blood and fragility on this increasingly small sphere.

Planet Republyk ; it is a reflection on the planetary problems with which contemporary humanity is confronted and on the reasons for the inability of our political institutions to respond to them.


Planet Republyk ; It's a proposal. A plan, in fact, to deal more effectively with global threats to the sustainability of humanity and ecosystems by establishing, by an unprecedented path, a truly supranational world parliament with direct representation outside the dysfunctional scheme typical of power struggles between nations.


By the establishment, therefore, of a cosmocracy, where, according to the universalist democratic ideal, each adult on the planet would be equivalent to one vote.





This idea in itself is not original. The originality of Planet Republyk is due to the fact of proposing the concrete advent of the cosmopolitan citizen via an unprecedented method which avoids the trap of chauvinistic nationalisms, source of inertia, by a supranational representation according to the latitudes.

If the idea of a world parliament has been perceived for centuries as a utopia, we believe that the explosion of the means of communication in the last decades, the numerous crises that humanity is going through at the moment, as well as the global geopolitical situation, are more conducive to this advent than at any other time in our common history.


Planet Republyk ; it is a hope. It offers an anchoring possibility for the portion of humanity that already considers itself citizens of the earth. A hope, a new faith (from the Latin fides, “trust”) in a way.

Planet Republyk ; it is a non-profit NGO whose mission is to promote the establishment of the most possible democratic, equitist, legitimate and sovereign world parliament in order to ensure the management of issues that affect all of humanity and the biosphere.


Image: Courtesy of Marie-Hélène Fournier

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