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Chapter 0: What is it?

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

How to check "Save the World" off your bucket list?

Welcome to the Planet Republyk project!

Do you think that humanity is doing well, that the planet and the biosphere are doing well?

The COVID-19 health crisis is just one of the latest illustrations that humanity is not well. That the planet itself is not well. And despite the severe planetary trauma that the pandemic has caused, humanity does not currently have the tools to prevent it from happening again. Therefore, it is bound to happen again.

The COVID-19, as well as the crises of climate, bio-diversity, water, antimicrobial resistance, oceans, genetics, pollution and the nuclear threat, show us, more than ever, that we are all brothers and sisters in blood and fragility on this ever smaller sphere.

I have always been an insatiable follower of international news and, over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to devote myself to research and reflection on the planetary problems facing contemporary humanity and, above all, on the reasons for the inability of our political institutions to respond to them.

Wishing to go beyond the observation and its resultant despair and ambient cynicism, I ended up giving birth to a proposal. A plan, in fact, in order to face more effectively the global threats to the sustainability of humanity and the earth's ecosystems by the establishment, by an unprecedented way, of a truly supranational world parliament with direct representation outside the usual dysfunctional scheme of power struggles between nations. By the establishment, therefore, of a cosmocracy, where, according to the universalist democratic ideal, each adult on the planet would be equivalent to one vote.

Here is therefore, in 23 chapters, the plea on the necessity of this cosmocracy and a method for the establishment of this first republic of the human race.

I will post the texts on Planet There you will also find other texts and information as well as the possibility to become a member, to make a donation or to buy the Planet Republyk book.

Planet Republyk is a non-profit NGO whose mission is to promote the establishment of a just, equitable, egalitarian, legitimate and sovereign world parliament to oversee the management of issues that affect all of humanity and the biosphere.

Looking forward to sharing this adventure with you!

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